After a long hiatus, we are thrilled to be offering Wild Alaskan Spot Prawns again! 

Alaska’s pristine waters are home to a treasure trove of seafood delicacies, and Wild Alaska Spot Prawns are a hidden gem among them. Spot prawns, also known as spot shrimp, are the largest species of shrimp found in Alaska. Loved for their subtle sweetness and distinct texture,  spot prawns are often referred to as the “lobster of Alaska.”

In this blog post, we'll dive into why Wild Alaska Spot Prawns are beloved, how and where they are caught, what they taste like, and we'll even share a few exciting recipes to help you make the most of this delectable product.

An Emphasis on Sustainability 

When it comes to Wild Alaska Spot Prawns, sustainability is a top priority. These prawns are harvested using responsible fishing practices to protect the delicate marine ecosystem. The prawns are caught using baited traps called pots, ensuring minimal damage to the ocean floor and bycatch reduction. Alaska's strict fishing regulations ensure that the population remains healthy and abundant, allowing future generations to savor these exquisite crustaceans.

The Art of Catching Wild Alaska Spot Prawns: From Sea to Pot to Float Plane

Wild Alaska Spot Prawns are predominantly found in the pristine waters of Alaska. They inhabit the deep, cold waters of the Pacific Ocean, specifically the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea. The fishing season typically begins in late spring and continues throughout the summer, allowing for the capture of these delightful prawns when they are at their peak freshness and flavor. Alaska's dedicated fishermen embark on their boats, braving the rugged elements to bring these delicacies straight to your plate.

The fishermen identify prime locations to drop their pots, targeting areas with an abundance of spot prawns. Patiently waiting, the pots soak for hours before being hauled back onto deck for the fishermen to unload a bounty of prawns. 

This sustainable, proven method minimizes bycatch and ensures the long-term health of the prawn population. The best part about sustainable fishing practices is that they ensure spot prawns and other delicious species will be available for generations to come. 

A World Renowned Species 

Wild Alaska Spot Prawns have captivated the palates of seafood enthusiasts and chefs around the world for their distinct texture and delicious flavor. 

The taste of Wild Alaska Spot Prawns is often described as a harmonious blend of sweetness and delicate brininess. Their succulent meat has a satisfying snap, followed by a smooth, buttery texture that melts in your mouth. Whether enjoyed raw, grilled, steamed, or sautéed, these prawns are incredibly versatile. Their unique flavor profile pairs well with a variety of ingredients, allowing chefs and home cooks alike to create magnificent seafood dishes.

Here are a few more reasons why they are so cherished: 

  1. Exquisite Flavor: These prawns offer a sweet, delicate flavor with a hint of brininess, making them a culinary delight. 

  2. Exceptional Texture: With their firm, meaty texture and a satisfying bite, spot prawns stand out amongst other shrimp species. 

  3. Cooking Versatility: Spot prawns can be grilled, sautéed, air fried, and enjoyed in a variety of recipes from pastas to stir fries.

  4.  Nutritional Powerhouse: Packed with high-quality protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and essential vitamins and minerals, spot prawns are always a healthy choice. 

Delicious Recipes Featuring Wild Alaska Spot Prawns:

Now, let’s dive into some crave-worthy recipes that showcase the versatility and flavor of Wild Alaska Spot Prawns:

  1. Premier Catch Spot Prawn Tacos

Simply sautéed and paired with a fresh cabbage salsa and a homemade taco sauce, this recipe is quick and delicious.

  1. Spot Prawn Scampi 

With fresh garlic, white wine, butter, and parmesan, this recipe is full of flavor and has a melt-in-your-mouth texture. 

  1. Surf and Turf Tostadas

With spot prawns and carne asada, this recipe is perfect for both seafood and steak lovers. It is quick to make and delicious during the summer season especially. 

  1. Spot Prawn Tostadas with Guacamole

These tostadas make an excellent appetizer or hearty snack. With homemade guacamole, crispy tostadas, and sautéed spot prawns, this is a crave-worthy combination. 

From their sustainable harvesting methods to their exquisite flavor and versatility in recipes, these prawns truly deserve a gold star and have earned their reputation as a delicacy! We hope you are excited as we are for the return of spot prawns and enjoy diving into this delicious species.

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