Premier Catch


Premier Catch shares an active role in shaping the future of the seafood industry by working alongside industry leaders to promote responsible and sustainable practices. We are committed to ensuring that the industry remains strong and healthy for generations to come.

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National Seafood Council Taskforce

The National Seafood Council Taskforce is a select group of industry leaders and experts working together to promote the health and sustainability of the seafood industry. The Taskforce is dedicated to...

Oceana Coalition for the Oceans

Oceana’s National Business Coalition for the Oceansis an alliance of businesses dedicated to promoting ocean conservation and sustainability. The coalition was formed to bring together companies who understand...


Premier Catch is a proud partner with Ocean Wise, a Canadian-based non-profit organization that focuses on sustainable seafood production and ocean preservation. With the aim of fostering thriving and healthy oceans...


As a wild focused, direct to consumer seafood company, Premier Catch is passionate about bringing people the freshest and most sustainable seafood possible, from both a consumer and industry perspective. We partner with many...


Alaska produces more seafood than any other state in the USA. So much, that they have their own marketing team! Meet ASMI.

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (lovingly known as ASMI) is a non-profit organization...