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Wild Seafood Box Delivery

Looking for a hassle-free way to enjoy a variety of delicious seafood? Premier Catch offers seafood box delivery right to your doorstep. With our wide selection of sustainably sourced fresh seafood, you can savor the flavors of the ocean without leaving the comfort of your home.

Our curated seafood bundles take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect seafood. With a diverse range of options, Premier Catch seafood boxes include a combination of wild-caught fish, succulent shellfish, and other delectable seafood delicacies. Whether you'd prefer a variety of fresh and smoked Alaskan salmon for your daily diet or an assorted box of crab, halibut, shrimp, and scallops for a special gathering, you'll find what you're looking for here.

King Salmon & Halibut Bundle: Includes three pounds of king salmon and three pounds of wild halibut.

Seafood Entertainers Bundle: Includes Dungeness crab legs, scallops, smoked king salmon, wild shrimp, and salmon dip.

Salmon Lovers Bundle: Includes king salmon, sockeye salmon, smoked king salmon, and cedar grilling planks.

Omega-3 Boost Box: Includes king salmon, black cod (sablefish), and an omega-3 index test kit.

Wild Shellfish Lovers Bundle: Includes spot prawns, crab, scallops and shrimp.

Wild White Fish Bundle: Includes halibut, cod and sablefish.

Sushi Lovers Bundle: Includes sockeye, spot prawns, crab meat and scallops.

Wild Seafood Sampler: Includes king salmon, Dungeness crab and spot prawns.

Crab Boil Bundle: Includes Dungeness crab, scallops and spot prawns.

When you order a seafood box from Premier Catch, you can trust that you're receiving premium quality wild-caught seafood. We prioritize sustainability by sourcing our wild seafood from responsible fisheries that adhere to strict environmental standards. All of our seafood is wild, caught and processed in the USA. Each item in our seafood boxes is carefully selected to ensure the highest level of taste, freshness, and nutritional value.

We understand that convenience is key when it comes to seafood delivery. That's why we offer flexible options to fit your needs. Whether you prefer a one-time purchase or a recurring subscription, our seafood boxes can be conveniently delivered to your home on a schedule that works for you.

By choosing Premier Catch for your seafood box delivery, you're bringing the best seafood experience right to your dining table. Impress your family and friends with a seafood feast, explore new culinary possibilities, or simply eat healthy meals more often with the convenience of our seafood box delivery service.

Enjoy the health benefits and convenience of seafood box delivery from Premier Catch. Place your order today and experience the unmatched quality, flavor, and convenience of our seafood bundles.