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Our Story

Premier Catch is women-owned and family-operated in the Pacific Northwest by sisters-in-law, Ashley and Joci Besecker. Our family has been providing the highest quality seafood to distributors, retailers and restaurants around the world for over 50 years.

We launched Premier Catch in June of 2020 with two goals in mind; quality and convenience. We want to provide our most premium seafood to our friends and family in the most convenient way and at an affordable price. As self-proclaimed seafood connoisseurs, we only sell what we eat within our homes. We want you to enjoy it as much as we do!

All of our seafood is wild-caught and sourced from multi-generational fishermen operating sustainable fisheries in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Convenience and quality are key which is why we have carefully taken our premium products and made them easier to consume by flash freezing, individually portioning/skinning, and vacuum-sealing for optimal freshness, flavor and health benefit.   

There is no substitute for quality. Our mission is simple; offering you the best, sustainable, wild seafood. We hope you will join us in a journey to truly taste the difference and experience the best we have to offer.

– The Besecker Family