Meet Our Crew

Founded in June of 2020, Premier Catch is proudly women-owned and family-operated in the Pacific Northwest by sisters-in-law, Joci and Ashley Besecker. They source the highest quality, wild-caught seafood from Alaska and the Washington/Oregon coast.

The Story

Joci and Ashley married into the seafood industry. Their spouses, Jeff and Tyler Besecker, are the sons of Dana and Jill Besecker, the owners of the Dana F. Besecker Company. Dana started his one-man company in the 1980s, growing it into a leading global wholesaler and processor, selling wild seafood to over 54 countries. The Dana F. Besecker Company never sold seafood directly to consumers so when COVID-19 hit, Joci and Ashely decided it was the perfect opportunity to share this amazing resource and hence, Premier Catch was founded. Sadly, Dana passed away in 2022 but left behind a great legacy built on honesty, transparancy and integrity. Joci and Ashley are honored to uphold his high standards and share the premium, wild seafood his relationships give them access to.

The Women Behind the Brand

This dynamic duo fell effortlessly into their roles when creating Premier Catch. Joci is their CEO and oversees the daily operations of Premier Catch. She uses her skills to ensure that Premier Catch can scale to meet customer needs across the U.S. while keeping the wholesome family culture intact that makes Premier Catch unique.

Ashley is their Director of Health and Nutrition, author of our Seafood & Nutrition blog and sits on numerous seafood boards and sustinability organizations across the nation. Ashley is a registered dietitian nutritionist, certified dietitian, and nutrigenomics specialist, after completing her studies at Pepperdine, Vanderbilt and Stanford. She currently works with 20+ professional athletes around the world. Ashley is passionate about sharing the science of nutrition for longevity and how omega-3's are key to a long, healthy and happy life.

The Mission

Joci and Ashley are obsessed with quality and convenience. They want you to not only have the best seafood, but want to provide it in the most convenient way possible. Their premium products are carefully processed to make preparing and consuming it as easy as possible. By flash freezing, portioning and individually vacuum-packing each piece, it ensures your seafood is at optimal freshness and can be enjoyed all year long.

Join Premier Catch in their mission to fill kitchens across the country with the absolute best wild seafood available from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest!


Joci Besecker

Co-Founder / CEO

Born: Salem, OR and oldest of two.

Kiddos: Mother to 2 teenagers.

Degree: BS in Cell & Molecular Biology, University of Washington

Career before Premier Catch: Interior Design, Graphic Design, Full Time Mom & Family Manager.

Best part of starting a seafood business: Our happy customers, hands down.

Biggest fear: Birds.

Hobbies: Anything with my family, tennis, skiing, cooking and traveling.

Favorite drink: Black coffee and Pinot Gris

Favorite Premier Catch seafood: Sockeye Salmon & Spot Prawns & Scallops & Halibut...basically anything I can make into a taco or some sort of bowl!

Favorite Premier Catch Kitchen recipe: Sheet Pan Halibut Tacos & Salmon Poke Bowls

Favorite restaurant: Nishino


Ashley Besecker, RDN, CD

Co-Founder / Director of Health and Nutrition

Born: Seattle, WA and oldest of three.

Kiddos: Mother to young 2 girls.

Scariest part of starting a seafood business (during Covid): The health department!

Best part of starting a seafood business: Being able to have drinks with my brother and sister in law for business meetings.

Biggest fear: Karaoke.

Hobbies: Reading, traveling, listening to podcasts and relaxing with family.

Favorite Premier Catch seafood: I can't choose just one!

Favorite Premier Catch recipe: Pan Seared Scallops in Burre Blanc

Favorite beverage: Water and Margaritas

Favorite restaurant: Purple, Carmines, Merrimans


Meet Shannon

Shannon is our Marketing Director and is responsible for managing our monthly marketing campaigns. She organizes marketing themes and promotions, plans the editorial content for newsletters and produces email campaigns and related digital communications for Premier Catch.

Shannon grew up in the Seattle area, graduated from UW and spent her summers on Vashon Island with her family, boating, fishing and exploring the Puget Sound. She loves boating in the summer, skiing in the winter and playing tennis year-round and her favorite place to be is anywhere near the water. She has three adorable girls and one very active husband - they keep her very busy but extremely happy!

Favorite PC product: Top three: King salmonKing CrabCanned tuna

Favorite PC recipe: Holiday Halibut

Favorite beverage: I love black coffee and wine of all colors!

Favorite restaurant: I have two! Westward and Merriman's

Meet Sarah

Sarah is our Community Engagement Manager and helps us respond to customers, book new locations for our pop-up shops, and generally engage Premier Catch within the local community. If you contact us through social media or via phone, you will find Sarah on the other end happy to answer any questions about our products and services. Joci and Sarah have been friends for over 22 years and share a similar drive and passion for detail and getting things done right.

Sarah is native to Seattle, graduating from WSU, and lives with her husband and three rambunctious boys in Bellevue. They enjoy summers boating around Lake Washington, fishing & crabbing in the San Juan Islands.

Favorite PC Product: HalibutDungySmoked Salmon Dip

Favorite PC Recipe: Halibut Chimichurri

Favorite Beverage: Ice cold lime Bubbly water

Favorite Restaurant: Nishino

Meet Declan

Declan is our summer marketing intern and our lead recipe developer. Declan grew up on Mercer Island and now lives in Austin, Texas, studying MIS and Entrepreneurship at UT Austin McCombs School of Business.

Declan is passionate about cooking, health, and wellness. She enjoys creating nutritious, delicious recipes for Premier Catch - and the social media content to go with them. Declan also assists Ashley in researching and writing blog posts on seafood nutrition. In addition to cooking and writing, Declan loves travel, surfing, skiing, practicing photography, reading, and all things health and wellness!

Favorite PC product: Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Favorite PC recipe: Tortilla Soup with Bay Shrimp (so hard to pick just one!)

Favorite beverage: Aperol Spritz

Favorite restaurant: Seattle: Agua Verde and Momiji

Austin: Aba and Mushashino


F/V Marilyn J

The F/V Marilyn J is was built in 1989 in Boring, OR. But life as the owners of the Marilyn J is anything but "Boring."

The Marilyn J is 58' in length and 26' wide. She boasts a Cummins K19, 600 horsepower engine and holds 3,800 gallons of diesel fuel. We purchased her in December of 2016 and she has since become a wonderful addition to our family fishing business, catching a lot of our halibut and sablefish.

The F/V Marilyn J's home base is in Bellingham, WA but she spends most of the year in Alaska and along the WA/OR coast. At her max, she can hold 70,000 pounds of fish. When preparing for the trip to and from Bellingham and Alaska, she will hold up to 12 tons of ice and will take enough bait for at least one fishing trip -- which is often 10,000 lbs per loading.

The F/V Marilyn J sleeps our trusted Captain Mark and his four crew members. They will often spend up to a week out at sea.



If you're a local Seattle customer, chances are you have met Saucy at a Pop Up Shop or Farmers Market or have seen her cruising the streets making deliveries.

Saucy is a 2018, Ford Transit 250 and is fully insulated and equipped with a ThermoKing V520 cooling system. This system allows us to transport our flash-frozen seafood at below zero temperatures to our events and local customers. We often argue over who gets to drive her.. (wink wink).

Saucy was officially given her name in 2020 by Ashley and Tyler's youngest daughter, Gianna. It was the perfect fit, as "Saucy" is what Jeff and Tyler's grandfather used to call Joci.