Our Story

    Founded in June of 2020, Premier Catch is women-owned and family-operated in the Pacific Northwest by sisters-in-law, Joci and Ashley Besecker. They source the highest quality, wild-caught seafood from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

    Joci and Ashley married into the seafood industry. Their spouses, Jeff and Tyler Besecker, are the sons of Dana and Jill Besecker, the owners of the Dana F. Besecker Company. Dana started his one-man company in the 1980s and is now a global seafood wholesaler and processor, selling to over 54 countries. His family has enjoyed the incredible seafood he sells, but his company has never sold directly to consumers. When COVID-19 hit, Joci and Ashley decided it was the perfect opportunity to share their amazing resource and hence, Premier Catch was founded.

    Joci and Ashley are obsessed with quality and convenience. They want you to not only have the best seafood, but want to provide it in the most convenient way possible. Their premium products are carefully processed to make preparing and consuming it as easy as possible. By flash freezing, portioning and individually vacuum-packing each piece, it ensures your seafood is fresh, full of flavor and giving you maximum health benefit.

    Join Premier Catch in their mission to fill kitchens across the country with the best seafood available from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.