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The National Seafood Council Taskforce is a select group of industry leaders and experts working together to promote the health and sustainability of the seafood industry. The Taskforce is dedicated to ensuring the responsible and sustainable management of seafood resources, as well as increasing consumer awareness about the nutritional benefits of seafood. The Taskforce works closely with the Seafood Nutrition Partnership, a non-profit organization that is focused on promoting the health and nutritional benefits of seafood to the American public. Premier Catch just so happens to be co-founded by a registered dietitian nutritionist, so we were made to sit on this taskforce!

The Taskforce and the Seafood Nutrition Partnership are committed to working together to ensure that the seafood industry remains sustainable and healthy for generations to come. By promoting the health benefits of seafood and advocating for responsible fishing practices, they aim to increase consumer demand for seafood, leading to greater economic opportunities for the industry. The goal is to increase the demand for seafood from Americans, in turn helping the American economy with jobs and industry. One of the main goals is to fund a national seafood marketing campaign that helps to educate and inspire consumers to eat more seafood. You may have heard of the Beef Council, the Pork Council, and other food councils, and now it is time for seafood to take center stage. You can learn more about our initiatives here.

In September of 2022 Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi introduced the Seafood Marketing Act of 2022, with co-sponsor Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland. The bill would reestablish the National Seafood Council, which would administer a national seafood marketing campaign that promotes the public health benefits and sustainability of all seafood. In 2023, congress will allocate the funding for a National Seafood Council. 

Being a member of the National Seafood Council Taskforce is considered a great honor for us, as we are a company that is dedicated to providing high-quality, sustainable seafood to our customers. As a member of the Taskforce, Premier Catch has an active role in shaping the future of the seafood industry, working alongside other industry leaders to promote responsible and sustainable practices. We are committed to ensuring that the industry remains strong and healthy for generations to come.

Follow the action at https://www.seafoodcampaign.org/

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