Welcome to our Premier Athlete Interview Series where we chat with our 5 incredible athletes about health, performance, longevity, and how wild seafood plays a part in their own healthy lifestyles.

Premier Athlete: Layshia Clarendon

PC: We are so excited to have you team up with PC this year along with several other outstanding female athletes. Love love love to have you a part of our team this year! 

PC: Why is wild seafood an important part of your diet?

LC: It’s important for me to eat seafood in my diet to get a variety of nutrients so I can fuel my body for my sport and so I can have a healthy body in the long run. 

PC:  What are some of the barriers you have had in the past to buying seafood on your own at the grocery store?

LC: Going to the grocery store to buy seafood is the Wild Wild West! You never know what to expect. Wild and sustainable seafood options aren’t consistently available and or the prices can be outrageous. I’m just trying to make a simple salmon dinner for my family but I don’t want to sacrifice quality.   

PC:  Why Premier Catch?

LC:  I chose to partner with Premier Catch this year because I’ve eaten the seafood, and have followed the recipes from their website and believe deeply in their mission. It is a no brainer to align healthy eating and high quality seafood I can trust with my passion for cooking and feeding my family. I admire Premier Catch for being a badass women owned company! Especially in a male dominated industry it’s not easy. I align with the values of sustainability, transparency, and the quality. I know PC is not simply in this business to make money, they do it because they truly want people to be healthier by eating quality seafood that’s good for them and our oceans. 

PC:  What’s your favorite PC product so far?

LC: The crab is my favorite so far. I have very fond memories of eating huge buckets of crab legs with my family growing up. It’s really fun to recreate these memories with my wife and baby as we dip the crab in the butter and enjoy the freshness. It feels like we’re eating this crab straight from the ocean! 

PC: Why should people eat more wild seafood?

LC: People should eat more wild seafood because it’s a tremendous source of nutrients and it’s important to vary your diet. Americans spend so much money on vitamins a year and you actually wouldn’t have to take the fish oil pills from Costco if you ate seafood high in omegas a couple times a week! 

PC: Do you feel that eating wild seafood helps your performance?

LC: I approach performance from a holistic perspective and wild seafood fits in perfectly to balance eating a well rounded diet. It’s a big important piece of the puzzle for me to fuel properly. 

Premier Catch... Layshia Clarendon approved 👍


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