Welcome to our Premier Athlete Interview Series where we chat with our 5 incredible athletes about health, performance, longevity, and how wild seafood plays a part in their own healthy lifestyles.

Premier Athlete: Jess Fishlock

PC: We are so excited to have you team up with PC this year along with several other outstanding female athletes. Love love love to have you a part of our team this year! 

PC: Why is wild seafood an important part of your diet?

JF: Seafood has such good nutrients that it is impossible for me to do my job without eating it. 

PC:  What are some of the barriers you have had in the past to buying seafood on your own at the grocery store?

JF: I often struggled with buying fish in a grocery store as I am worried about the freshness of it.

PC:  Why Premier Catch?

JF:  I chose to partner for a number of reasons. I know I am getting very high quality & fresh fish. The delivery process is very easy / simple and I want to support a locally run business. A few reasons I admire Premier Catch, the fact it is so fresh is brilliant, how easy it is to get it onto my plate & the fact it is a women’s run business is important to me.  

PC:  What’s your favorite PC product so far?

JF: Ohhhhh what to choose from. I love me the cod, prawns and scallops. The cod is sooooo meaty and the prawns and scallops are divine, I can taste the freshness in each bite!

PC: Why should people eat more wild seafood?

JF: I just think it’s important for people to know that fish has the same if not more health benefits than meat. It’s easy, efficient and helps to the climate issue we face at the moment. 

PC: Do you feel that eating wild seafood helps your performance?

JF: Seafood is huge to my performance specially because for my body seafood is like a superfood. It has double the effect on my body. So actually without it I don’t think I could be 35, MVP & performing at the elite level consistently. 

Premier Catch... Jess Fishlock approved 👍


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