Welcome to our Premier Athlete Interview Series where we chat with our 5 incredible athletes about health, performance, longevity, and how wild seafood plays a part in their own healthy lifestyles.

Premier Athlete: Alysha Clark

PC: We are so excited to have you team up with PC this year along with several other outstanding female athletes. Love love love to have you a part of our team this year! 

PC: Why is wild seafood an important part of your diet?

AC: As a professional athlete…eating lean is effective for how my body performs. Not to mention to omega-3s that are crucial for joints as well as helping arteries not clog…which for me is important. 

PC:  What are some of the barriers you have had in the past to buying seafood on your own at the grocery store?

AC: I think just not understanding what is the best option. Not knowing the benefits between fresh and frozen…and then not knowing how long ago something was frozen and if it was ever de-thawed. Honestly, mostly access…I’d rather not eat it than eating poor quality. 

PC:  Why Premier Catch?

AC: It’s a perfect opportunity to highlight an amazing small business of someone I know. And it doesn’t hurt that it keeps a piece of the PNW close to me! I love that it came about organically because Ashley & Joci loved it and wanted to help bring access to amazing quality seafood to the masses. Not to mention they are females killing it in a male dominated industry. Family, quality, affordability and empowerment are the values I align with.  

PC:  What’s your favorite PC product so far?

AC: I love the Dungeness snap crab legs and the wild Alaskan king salmon. The ease of preparing them (crab legs pre-cut and easy to snap; the salmon filets already packaged individually to portion sizes) in my busy schedule and not having to sacrifice on taste. Once you de-thaw them they taste like you just caught them and that’s amazing! 

PC: Why should people eat more wild seafood?

AC: Because you can get to know the source from which they came. And it’s a lean source of protein that has a ton of health benefits!! 

PC: Do you feel that eating wild seafood helps your performance?

AC: It helps give me sustained energy and helps develop lean muscle mass. I’m able to get the health benefits for my heart, joints & lungs all rolled into one! 

Premier Catch... Alysha Clark approved 👍


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