Fish is loaded with protein and nutrients. Which is part of why it is one of the healthiest and tastiest foods you can eat. If you are a seafood lover or health-conscious consumer, you probably already know that wild seafood is better for you than farmed raised. But do you know what sets wild apart from farm raised fish?

 Raising Wild Seafood vs. Farmed Seafood:

One major difference between wild seafood and farmed seafood is the setting and methods in which the fish are raised. Wild caught seafood is harvested from natural habitats (oceans, rivers, lakes) whereas farmed seafood is either commercially raised in pens or in large tanks. Farmed fish are bred rapidly with the goal of selling the fish as cheaply as possible. In addition to being an unsustainable source, farm raised seafood impacts the species diet, fat content, mercury content, and overall freshness.

 Diet of Wild Seafood vs. Farmed Seafood:

Another significant difference between farmed fish and wild fish is the quality of their diet.  Wild fish consume a natural and highly-diverse diet, found in their existing environment. Whereas, the diet of farm-raised species include a mix of artificial protein sources and chemicals. For example, food coloring is added to the diet of farmed salmon to mimic the pink color of wild caught salmon because farm raised salmon are naturally gray in color.

 Nutritional Benefits of Wild Seafood vs. Farmed Seafood:

Fish’s diet directly impacts the flavor and nutritional benefits of the food you consume. First, farmed fish is higher in calories and saturated fat than wild fat. This is because the goal of  farmed fish is to fatten the fish up in the shortest amount of time. Oppositely, wild fish eat a natural, varied diet and spend most of their lives swimming long distances at sea hence a much leaner seafood.  

Wild Seafood in Your Kitchen:

 Lastly, and most importantly as consumers, wild fish cooks, smells, and tastes better than farmed fish.  Farmed seafood won’t kill you but there are countless reasons why you should eat wild as often as possible! Stock up on Premier Catch Wild Seafood here!

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