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Ever heard of "The Blue Zones?"

There are five special places in the world that have the longest living people, called "centenarians" (those that live to 100 years) and "super-centenarians" (those that live beyond 110 years). There are nine key concepts of longevity that researchers have found across all of these five locations:

Ikaria, Greece

Sardinia, Italy

Loma Linda, California

Okinawa, Japan

Nicoya, Costa Rica

One of those nine key concepts is, of course, diet. And within the diets of these centenarians, you'll find food associated with joy and community, and you'll find a lot of FISH!

The Adventist Health Study 2, which has been following 96,000 Americans since 2002, found that the people who lived the longest were not vegans or meat-eaters. They were pescatarians and people who ate a plant-based diet, including a small portion of fish, once daily. In other Blue Zones diets, fish was a common part of everyday meals, eaten on average two to three times a week. The easiest way to eat more fish, is for it to be convenient.

Premier Catch is intentional about our product form. We provide products that are individually vacuum sealed to prevent food going to waste. We take the bones out, to make prep easier. We flash freeze at the dock to preserve freshness so you can keep your fish in your freezer to enjoy any night of the week! Learn more about the Blue Zones here.

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