For most people the word “frozen” often has negative connotations, therefore, people generally prefer fresh to frozen when it comes to certain foods. When it comes to seafood, believe it or not, freezing shortly after catching is the best technique for preserving peak freshness and nutrition levels.

“Freezing, when done properly, is an excellent way to ‘lock-in’ the quality inherent in the catch so that when thawed, you’re getting essentially the same quality you would have had if you ate it on the boat with the fishermen," John Burrows, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. After a fish is lifted out of the water, the clock starts ticking on the quality of that catch, therefore it is imperative that a fresh fish is frozen shortly after catching to prevent diminishing the quality and to lock in freshness. The "fresh" fish found at your local grocery store was most likely "previously frozen" and then thawed and placed in the case.

Premier Catch offers the highest quality seafood and guarantees that all of our products are quickly chilled, expertly processed, and frozen with care. We choose to freeze, process our catches into portions with the bones removed, and then individually vacuum-package each portion. This method ensures our seafood is always at optimum freshness and also extremely convenient for our customers to prepare.

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