SPRING SPECIAL: Spend $200, Get Free Wild Oregon Pink Shrimp


Better Skin. Increased Sex Drive. Stronger Nails. Muscles Popping.

Eating wild fish every week is the secret weapon we hadn’t thought of.



It’s the bioavailable Omega-3’s for texture and glow, the complete amino acids for boosting collagen, and Vitamin B2 for a hit of detoxifying antioxidants and wrinkle repair. Putting seafood with your retinol schedule may be the perfect 1-2 punch.


Two portions of seafood a week translates to sex eight times a month - no really, it was an analysis by Harvard in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. You’re also 39% more likely to have sex on the days where both you and your partner eat seafood. May we suggest our canned albacore?


It’s the Omega-3’s, Iron, Phosphorus, and Vitamin A. These build strength and shine of the nail itself and support a healthy nail bed. Same goes for thicker, shiny hair. Schedule yourself a mani/pedi this month!


It’s the complete protein plus rich polyunsaturated fatty acids that help support growth of lean muscle and can help when trying to adjust body composition - changing percentage of body fat and lean muscle mass. Modern bodybuilders and fitness competitors will rotate between the richer fish (salmon and sablefish) and leaner fish (cod and halibut) depending on macronutrient needs. Get goin’ on those squats.

Consistency is key here ladies. One salmon dinner isn’t gonna get you ripped and gripping the headboard. Make it a lifestyle - start thinking about what seafood you have to make for dinner at home, and always check the seafood options on the menu first. Make it easy by always having it on hand in your freezer and find a go-to spice combo. Cheers to fabulous women!

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