Jacobsen Salt is a local, family-run business that harvests their flaky sea salt in the water off the Oregon Coast. We love adding Jacobsen’s Sea Salt as a finishing touch to any grilled seafood, especially our sockeye salmon fillets.

2. Willard's Rub Trio:

Will Russel is a Mercer Island graduate and  the founder of Willard’s Kitchen Rubs.  Willard’s Rubs are our favorite for blackened seafood recipes and when making fish tacos. You can find them at our booth at the Farmer's Market, Terra Bella, and Boutique Lounge on Mercer Island.


3. Charcuterie Set:

This charcuterie set has it all! It comes with multiple boards, a fruit tray, small bowls for sauces, cheese knives, and forks. It makes happy hour snacks or picnics a breeze.


4. Father's Day Apron:

In addition to the funny slogan and creative design, this apron has an adjustable fit and multiple pockets to hold grilling tools.


5. Premier Catch Cedar Planks:

Cedar planks are great for infusing your favorite seafood with the flavor of cedar smoke. They can be used on the grill or in the oven and are excellent with king salmon, sockeye salmon and even halibut.


6. Mounted Beer Opener:

This mounted beer opener is the perfect addition to your husband or father’s grilling station.


7. Mike's Hot Honey:

Mike’s hot honey is super HOT (trendy😉) lately! Mike infuses high quality honey with chili peppers for a sweet and spicy drizzle. It’s delicious on salmon, as well as pizza, meat, in cocktails, and on desserts. This is a must try!


8. Grilling Baskets & Skewers:

This package comes with grilling baskets and kebab skewers, both great for grilling seafood and vegetables. The nonstick coating makes for an easy food release and cleanup.


9. Premier Catch Hat:

Does your husband or father love Premier Catch? Spread the love with our branded trucker hat.


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