We are here to tell you that constantly feeling bloated, or having ups and downs of stomach pains or trouble in the restroom all the time is not normal! Seafood is just one piece of the puzzle that can help get your healthy gut back!

What causes bloating? 

Typically it is related to an imbalance in your microbiome which is the bacteria found in your gut. Remember that each of us is very different and the makeup of our own gut microbiome is too! Many foods including sugar, dairy, fiber, nuts, seeds, and alcohol can have a significant impact on your gut health - for better or worse.  An imbalanced microbiome increases inflammation and affects digestion. Paired with little sleep and/or stress, these things can leave you feeling bloated and out of whack. 

Diversifying your diet is key to a healthy gut and feeling balanced. Many health organizations including the US Dietary Guidelines recommend eating seafood twice per week due to the anti-inflammatory properties of omega-3 fatty acids and abundance of microbial diversity that it adds to the gut. Eating wild seafood prevents “bad” organisms from growing and lets the “good ones'' flourish. Fruits and vegetables, and legumes such as beans and lentils are another great source of diverse nutrients and fiber. Incorporate veggies and beans into a meal with seafood and your microbiome will be extra happy!

As you continue to enjoy holiday festivities and social outings, don’t forget to add seafood-forward meals to boost your gut health and avoid the icky feeling of an unbalanced microbiome. For healthy and balanced seafood recipes, check out the Premier Catch Recipe Blog!

Written by: Declan Chapin

Reviewed by: Ashley Besecker, RDN, CD

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