Welcome to our Premier Athlete Interview Series where we chat with our 5 incredible athletes about health, performance, longevity, and how wild seafood plays a part in their own healthy lifestyles.

Premier Athlete: Breanna Stewart aka “Stewie”

PC: We are so excited to have you team up with PC this year along with several other outstanding female athletes. Love love love to have you a part of our team this year! 

PC: Why is wild seafood an important part of your diet?

Stewie: After my first achilles surgery I started to eat more seafood and less meat and my body changed in a good way and I also felt more lean. 

PC:  What are some of the barriers you have had in the past to buying seafood on your own at the grocery store?

Stewie: Basically not knowing if it was fresh and also wanting it to be wild fish. I wasn't eating as much in the past because I wasn't aware how much of an impact it could have on my body and also just wasn't interested!

PC:  Why Premier Catch?

Stewie: It’s a female-led company, who have the same beliefs and values in their profession as I do. I've tried the products and I loved them, and also knowing that it’s wild and fresh seafood.

PC:  What’s your favorite PC product so far?

Stewie: Salmon and halibut because it's perfectly portioned for one serving. 

PC: Why should people eat more wild seafood?

Stewie: Eating wild seafood helps the ocean and climate health is really important to me. 

PC: Do you feel that eating wild seafood helps your performance?

Stewie:  Yes, it gives me a more balanced diet, and has anti-inflammatory benefits.


Premier Catch... Stewie Approved 👍


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