Welcome to our Premier Athlete Interview Series where we chat with our 5 incredible athletes about health, performance, longevity, and how wild seafood plays a part in their own healthy lifestyles.

Premier Athlete: Olivia Moultrie

PC: We are so excited to have you team up with PC this year along with several other outstanding female athletes. Love love love to have you a part of our team this year! 

PC: Why is wild seafood an important part of your diet?

OM: I think seafood is really important because it allows you to get specific vitamins and minerals that are harder to find in other places. I also think it’s just a great mixup for me instead of always eating chicken. 

PC:  What are some of the barriers you have had in the past to buying seafood on your own at the grocery store?

OM: Honestly I have never even attempted to buy seafood in a grocery store because I had no idea what I needed or should be looking for. That’s the biggest reason I didn’t really ever eat seafood until I partnered with Premier Catch! They help me know exactly what I’m getting and how I can use it!

PC:  Why Premier Catch?

OM: I chose to partner with Premier Catch because of a couple reasons. One reason was I knew I needed to include more seafood in my diet and Premier Catch allows me to do so in a simple and convenient way while also giving me all the information about how their products are caught and preserved! Another reason being that I truly liked the people I was partnering with and that’s very important to me! I love how it makes everything more convenient for the consumer. I also love how they source their products and how they “flash freeze” to get you the freshest seafood possible! Plus Premier Catch being woman owned is awesome! 

PC:  What’s your favorite PC product so far?

OM: I really love the sockeye salmon! It’s so easy for me to grab one from the freezer in its individual package and use! I also love testing recipes and salmon is so versatile so that’s fun for me as well. 

PC: Why should people eat more wild seafood?

OM: I think there are tons of benefits to eating wild seafood. I think what Premier Catch stands for and why sustainability is so important to them tells you a lot about why buying wild seafood is so important! I also just want our waters to stay as clean and healthy as possible and Premier Catch is helping to make that possible. 

PC: Do you feel that eating wild seafood helps your performance?

OM:  I know that eating wild seafood helps my performance because the best way for me to get all the nutrients my body needs is to be eating fresh foods. The way Premier Catch harvest and preserve their seafood ensures that I am getting the most nutrients out of the seafood I’m eating! 


Premier Catch... Olivia Moultrie approved 👍


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