When it comes to summer gatherings, there's nothing quite like the smoky and delicious flavors of grilled seafood! Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue or a casual get-together, these 10 grilled seafood recipes are sure to impress your guests. From succulent salmon to delectable scallops and fish tacos, let's explore a variety of mouthwatering grilled seafood dishes that will elevate your summer entertaining to a whole new level.
  1. Pacific Northwest Grilled Salmon

The Pacific Northwest Grilled Salmon is a cherished Besecker family favorite. Seasoned with simple ingredients, this dish highlights the natural, delicious  flavor and texture of Wild Alaskan Salmon and pairs perfectly with the smoky flavors from the grill.

  1. Grilled Fish Taco Bowl

For a creative twist on traditional fish tacos, try our Grilled Fish Taco Bowl! Grilled fish, seasoned to perfection, is served over a bed of rice and topped with romaine lettuce, mango salsa, avocado, corn, and cabbage. It's a satisfying and vibrant dish that makes a hearty lunch or healthy dinner. 

  1. Cousin Kelly's Grilled Salmon

Cousin Kelly's Grilled Salmon recipe is a family favorite that never disappoints. Marinated in a flavorful blend of soy sauce, honey, garlic, and ginger, this salmon is grilled to perfection, creating a caramelized glaze that adds a touch of sweetness to every bite.

4. Grilled Citrus Salmon Skewers

If you're looking for a fun and refreshing twist on grilled salmon, try the Grilled Citrus Salmon Skewers. Tangy citrus marinade infuses the salmon chunks, which are then skewered and grilled to create a burst of zesty flavor in every bite!

  1. Willard's Kitchen Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Scallops

For a luxurious appetizer or main course, indulge in our friend Will Russell’s Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Scallops. Succulent scallops are wrapped in smoky bacon, skewered, and grilled to perfection. The combination of flavors and textures is crave-worthy..

  1. Grilled Sockeye Salmon Fillet with Lemon-Herb Marinade

For a simple yet elegant grilled salmon dish, try the Grilled Sockeye Salmon Fillet with Lemon-Herb Marinade. The vibrant flavors of lemon, garlic, and fresh herbs infuse the salmon filet, creating a light and zesty summer delight.

  1. Cedar Plank Salmon

Cedar Plank Salmon is a classic grilling technique that imparts a unique smoky flavor to the fish. The salmon filets are placed on a soaked cedar plank and grilled to perfection, creating a dish that is not only delicious but also visually stunning. 

  1. Grilled Sockeye Salmon with Strawberry Salsa

Add a touch of sweetness to your grilled salmon with the Grilled Sockeye Salmon with Strawberry Salsa. The combination of perfectly grilled salmon and the fresh, juicy flavors of strawberry salsa creates a delightful contrast that will leave your taste buds craving for more.

  1. Grilled Fish Tacos

No summer gathering is complete without the classic Grilled Fish Tacos. Seasoned grilled fish is nestled in warm tortillas and topped with pickled onions, avocado, and a homemade taco sauce. These tacos are bursting with flavor and make for a crowd-pleasing option! 

  1. Grilled Salmon over Mexican Street Corn Salad

Combining the smoky flavors of grilled salmon with the vibrant and savory elements of Mexican street corn, the Grilled Salmon over Mexican Street Corn Salad is a delicious and satisfying dish. The sweet and charred corn, mixed with spices and tangy lime, adds a delightful twist to the grilled salmon.

Grilled seafood recipes are the epitome of summer dining, offering a tantalizing blend of flavors and textures that are perfect for entertaining guests. Whether you choose the Pacific Northwest Grilled Salmon, Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Scallops, or the vibrant Grilled Fish Taco Bowl, these 10 recipes are sure to elevate your summer gatherings to new heights. So, fire up the grill and enjoy the bounty of the sea with these delicious grilled seafood dishes.

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