Seafood is an incredible source of heart healthy nutrients, and every bite carries a piece of prevention or optimization for your health!


Fatty Acids - The fats in seafood are called polyunsaturated fatty acids and include Omega-3’s! The highly sought after EPA and DHA are among the most significant, as they have shown to support both heart health and brain health as well as reduce inflammation in the body and help with cellular repair.

Protein - The protein in seafood is considered a “complete protein” as it provides both the proteins our body can make on its own, and the proteins our body cannot make, and that we must get from our food. Seafood protein is nice and bioavailable, meaning it’s absorption and metabolism in our body is very efficient!

 Selenium - This is an amazing mineral wrapped in proteins that not only supports our thyroid and antioxidant function, but it can also balance out mercury absorption in seafood! If an ocean fish or shellfish (like our salmon, cod, halibut, and crab) have more selenium content than mercury content, the selenium content helps prevent any potential toxic mercury build up. How? Mercury becomes toxic because it deactivates selenium dependent enzymes (selenoenzymes). So if we have plentiful selenium in the presence of mercury, we are always protected!

Phosphorus - This is a mineral that helps support bone health, creates new cells and creates energy; I’d say it's pretty important! 3 ounces of our Scallops, Salmon, or Crab gets you over a third of your daily needs!

Zinc - Did you know that our bodies actually don’t store zinc? This means we need to get it in the foods we eat daily. Zinc in a mineral that maintains our immune system and repairs our body tissues! 3 oz of Alaskan Crab gives us over 50% of our daily needs!


Ashley Besecker is the co-founder of Premier Catch and Director of Health and Nutrition. She is a registered dietitian nutritionist, certified dietitian, and nutritional genetics specialist. Ashley's blog covers the nutritional benefits of eating sustainable, wild seafood and more details on Premier Catch's sustainability commitment. 

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