Whether you plan on sharing a delicious Easter brunch with family and friends or enjoying your day with a simple and tasty breakfast, we have plenty of delicious egg-cellent seafood recipes for every kind of Easter celebration! 

Not only are seafood and eggs an essential part of Easter tradition but they are also full of important nutrients to help you feel your best. Seafood and eggs are both excellent sources of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Together, seafood and eggs can be enjoyed in many different ways, including deviled scrambled, fried, and baked in quiches. Starting with a high-protein, nutritious breakfast is a great way to start the day and fuel up for Easter holiday festivities!

Below you’ll find a list of our favorite egg and seafood breakfast recipes to make for the upcoming holiday. 

1. Dungeness Crab Benedict 

Cousin Kelly’s Dungeness Crab Benedict is a delicious way to start any morning and the perfect option for a celebratory Easter brunch. This recipe is made with english muffins, fresh Dungeness crab meat, poached eggs, and a homemade hollandaise sauce. 

2. Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs

We promise this recipe will be devoured in minutes at Easter Brunch! Smoked salmon deviled eggs are an easy yet impressive recipe to share with family and friends. This is also a great option for happy hour or an appetizer! 

3. Salmon & Veggie Omelet

This smoked salmon omelet is a healthy way to start the holiday! It is packed with vegetables, protein, and great flavor.  

4. Scrambled Eggs with Miso Butter Salmon

These Scrambled Eggs with Miso-Butter Salmon are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. With sweet and savory salmon and fluffy eggs on top of toasted English muffin, this is what holiday brunch dreams are made of!

5. Dungeness Crab Deviled EggsDeviled eggs are a crowd-favorite recipe for a reason… but with Dungeness crab, these are next level. The texture and flavor are melt-in-your-mouth delicious and impossible to resist! This is a great recipe to share if you are hosting family or friends for Easter. 

6. Fried Egg & Tuna Salad Toast

Fuel up with this Fried Egg & Tuna Salad Toast for a hearty but healthy Easter breakfast. It’s ready in less than 15 minutes and packed with flavor and protein!

7. Joci’s Cobb Salad with Salmon

Joci’s Cobb Salad is one of our most loved salad recipes. With wild sockeye salmon, crumbled bacon, and  hard boiled egg, it’s packed with flavor and nutrients and will add beautiful color to your table!  This is a great option for lunch or dinner. 

8. Mini Quiches with Shrimp

This is a delicious, healthy recipe that is easy to make ahead and share with guests. These are a great source of protein and super flavorful! 

9. Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bowl

With Wild Alaska Smoked Salmon, roasted potatoes, avocado, hard boiled egg, and sauteed spinach, this breakfast bowl is packed with superfoods and flavor. It’s ready within minutes and a delicious yet healthy option for breakfast or brunch. 

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