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Premier Catch Dungeness Crab Snap'N'Eats with Dipping Sauces

Premier Catch Dungeness Crab Snap'N'Eats with Dipping Sauces

Our Oregon/Washington Coast Wild Dungeness crab is specially scored to make it super easy to just "snap and eat"! 

Serve with fresh lemon and one (or all) of our favorite dipping sauces:

1) Traditional Cocktail Sauce: Combine two parts ketchup, one part creamy horseradish and fresh lemon juice to taste

2) Dijon-Mayo Sauce: Combine two parts mayonnaise and one part dijon mustard to taste

3) Curry-Mayo Sauce: Combine mayonnaise and red curry powder to taste

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Claudia - September 28, 2020

My son and I were at the Mercer Island farmer’s market yesterday and bought salmon and crab. THEY WERE BOTH FABULOUS!!!!! Had the salmon last night (so glad there’s lots left!) and the crab tonight. WOW. My husband from the Midwest who is not a huge seafood fan was very skeptical but said the crab was the best he’d had in YEARS, and that the salmon was really, really good. That’s the true test right there! We will get on your mailing list and can’t wait to buy more! Thank you!!!!

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