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    There are 2 types of Halibut.

    Pacific Halibut and Atlantic Halibut.

    Our firm, flaky white Wild Pacific Halibut is found swimming on the bottom of the North Pacific Ocean. The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) is an International Fisheries Organization, having Canada and the United States as its members, responsible for the management of stocks of Pacific Halibut, and was founded in 1923 by an international treaty. The Pacific Halibut Fishery is closely managed, taking water samples and temperatures, monitoring stocks and setting commercial fishing quotas annually to protect the species and promote a sustainable fishery.

    On the other hand, the population of Atlantic Halibut, as of 2008, was so depleted through overfishing that it might be declared an endangered species! According to Seafood Watch, consumers should avoid Atlantic Halibut. Most halibut eaten on the East Coast is actually Pacific Halibut! So be sure to check your menus and your fridges & freezers.

    Halibut is a household staple! There are many different flavor profiles that make this fish versatile and healthy. We have a delicious pan-seared halibut recipe on our new recipes blog you need to check out!