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    Our scallops are "Alaskan Weathervane Scallops" and purchased from three of the scallop fishing boats in Alaska that fish for these. The Alaska Scallop harvest season is July - February.

    "Scallops" is a broad name that can include Sea Scallops, Bay Scallops, Diver Scallops and others. They can be found on the West Coast and Alaska as well as the East Coast.

    At Premier Catch we are focused on seafood directly from the Pacific Ocean, specifically Alaskan and Pacific Northwest waters. All of our products are wild-caught and from sustainable fisheries that are inspected, managed and held accountable by various regulating bodies.

    Alaska Weathervane Scallops are specifically from Alaskan waters, mostly the Bering Sea, and are shucked, cleaned and deep-frozen at sea within four hours of capture. Our scallops are "dry" meaning they are never soaked in water or chemicals, as is done to many varieties of scallops worldwide.

    We have some delicious recipes for Alaska Weathervane Scallops in our Recipes Blog and we'd love to hear what you think! Enjoy!