There is nothing that makes us happier than our families! They provide us both with so much love, and of course health and happiness. We think it's time we introduce you to the loves behind the women of Premier Catch!



    Meet the Ashley Besecker Family

    Ashley wears another hat when she isn’t selling seafood for Premier Catch, she is also a registered dietitian nutritionist, working with professional athletes around the world! Ashley writes the seafood education blogs for Premier Catch and is the resident expert on omega-3 fatty acids and the health benefits of seafood. Ashley’s great-grandfather immigrated from Nova Scotia Canada and fished halibut on the F/V Grant in Alaska over 100 years ago (that fishing vessel is still around today!) She grew up appreciating great seafood and as fate had it, she married into a fishing industry family when she married her husband Tyler almost 10 years ago!

    Ashley’s favorite Premier Catch seafood rotates depending on the season. Her current favorite are the Alaska Weathervane Scallops, and her favorite dinner staple is the Wild Pacific Halibut.

    Tyler grew up listening to his father Dana buy and sell wild fish from fishermen all over Alaska and the Pacfic Ocean, building a seafood company from the ground up. Tyler entered into his family’s seafood business 17 years ago, after his college basketball career at Stanford, and is now the President of his family company, carrying on his fathers legacy. He is instrumental in the Premier Catch buying and sourcing, and nurtures personal relationships with the fishing families that catch Premier Catch products. Tyler is a true extrovert and enjoys going fishing with family and friends and has actually worked on some of the vessels that Premier Catch fish comes from. One of Tyler’s favorite pastimes is trolling for king salmon in the San Juan Islands, and you often hear him talking about “the one that got away.”

    Tyler’s favorite Premier Catch preparation is the Pan Seared Scallops with shallots, white wine and butter.

    Grace is 6 years old and is a master hover-border and can often be found zooming around her house. She is so full of energy she has earned the nickname “Princess Fireball'' and can be found playing sports, jumping on the trampoline, and of course hoverboarding. She is a whiz with numbers and loves narwhals.

    Grace’s favorite Premier Catch seafood is the Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, King Crab & Canned Albacore Tuna.

    Gianna "Gia" is 4 years old and loves boating. Her nickname is "Gianna Donna Versace III" and her family lovingly calls her “Donna.” She is the family “trickster” and likes joking around and hiding important things from her unknowing family members. She loves to have dance parties, and is in charge of “popcorn movie night” every friday in her house.

    Gianna’s favorite Premier Catch seafood is our Canned Albacore Tuna (with mayo). You can watch her famous video and learn how to make it her way here.



    Meet the Joci Besecker Family

    In addition to running day-to-day operations for Premier Catch, Joci is our resident designer, creating everything from the company logo to the product labels, business cards, boxes and website. She is also our resident seafood chef and enjoys sharing our Premier Catch recipes and can often be found photographing seafood. Joci spent a lot of time on the OR and WA coasts growing up, enjoying salmon fishing, crabbing and digging clams with her cousins. Nothing makes her happier than spending time with family and friends. In her spare time, Joci loves traveling, skiing, tennis and boating.

    Joci can’t pick her favorite Premier Catch seafood - she loves it all!

    Jeff and Joci recently celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary, after having met at the University of Washington their sophomore year in college (Go Dawgs). Jeff is a dedicated family man and red wine connoisseur. Jeff offers his business strategy and big-picture vision to the Premier Catch team - and takes credit for sourcing our awesome freezer van! He can often be found running on his treadmill, watching sports, shooting hoops with the kids and playing cards. He loves grilling fish or steak and sitting around a fire with family and friends.

    Jeff loves Premier Catch Wild Sockeye Salmon using the Premier Catch PNW Grilled Salmon recipe that he grew up watching his Dad make.

    Jack is as loyal as they come. He prefers to wear athletic shorts, never long pants, no matter the season, and can be found dribbling a basketball or playing video games  when he’s not in school or hanging with his friends and family. Jack is a whiz at geography and history and was able to fill out a blank map of the USA when he was 4 years old. He has an amazing memory, sense of humor and sense of direction.

    Jack’s favorite Premier Catch seafood is Wild Alaska Spot Prawns and Wild Sockeye Salmon.

    Jane has a huge heart and loves her family and friends fiercely. She loves being active, playing basketball, lacrosse and volleyball. Jane has found recent success on TikTok creating and sharing fidget toys. She loves to bake and is a fantastic role model for all of her little cousins.

    Jane’s favorite is Premier Catch Wild Sockeye Salmon