It seems like magic to think that you can order fish straight from the ocean, to your kitchen table for dinner. The phrase “Farm to Table” or “Ocean to Table” has been used frequently in the past several years, but how does it actually happen?

    I want to give you a very specific example of how our Wild Alaskan King Salmon made it from the waters in Alaska to your plates.

    Joci and I have always had access to the best seafood in the world. But it came in the form of grabbing some whole fish or fillets off of the processing line before container loads were put on ice or frozen and shipped across the world. When we launched Premier Catch, we wanted to divert some of this incredible high quality seafood that you are used to ordering in high end restaurants, into the homes of families in our community.

    How on earth did we do that? We talked with the fishermen and processors, who have become our personal friends over many years, and asked if they would be willing to specially process some of those items for us. We wanted the fish portioned. We wanted the pin bones removed. We wanted the highest quality, most beautiful fish set aside for YOU! And, we wanted them individually vacuum packaged and frozen, so that families could have seafood available in their homes year round.

    King salmon is one of our most popular items. You guys really love it, just like we do. Here is the “Ocean to Table” rundown of our king salmon. It is caught in Southeast Alaska, specifically near the Taku River. The salmon there are big, beautiful and full of omega-3 fatty acids. Our king salmon are caught on a number of fishing vessels via “hook and line,” also known as trolling, a very sustainable fishing method. Once the fish are on board the vessel, they are bled and iced immediately. The fishermen typically deliver their catch to the processor within 24 hours (the longest is 48 hours, depending on where they are fishing and the length of time required to get to the dock). Once on land, the pin bones are removed from the salmon, they are filleted into 8 oz portions, vacuum-packed, labeled and then blast frozen at temperatures of -40 degrees. The fish remain at -5 degree temperatures in transit and are either flown to us via Alaska Air Cargo or trucked to our cold storage facility. If you purchase king salmon from us during the summer months, when it’s in season, you can be eating it within 3 or 4 days of catch!

    The even better part? Once our fish is frozen, it will last up to 12-18 months in the freezer. We are committed to selling you only the highest quality products, following the strictest of processing techniques so you can be sure you’re eating the freshest tasting seafood all year long.