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Alaskan Spot Prawns: Prawns, Shrimp, Spots?

Alaskan Spot Prawns: Prawns, Shrimp, Spots?

The world of seafood can be hard to navigate. There are many different terms with very different meanings. So what exactly are Alaskan Spot Prawns and why are they so special?

Wild Alaska Spot Prawns are the largest species of Alaskan shrimp and prawns and are easy to "spot" because of the 4 white spots that appear on their 1st and 5th abdominal sections.

Did you know that all Spot Prawns eventually become female? All males will spawn once, and then turn into females! They are one of the few animals considered "protandric hermaphrodites".

Technically, Alaska Spot Prawns are "shrimp" but due to their size and common name among the fishermen and seafood world, they are most referred to as "prawns."

Our Alaska Spot Prawns are caught in pots in Southeast Alaska during the month of October and are known for their sweet flavor and numerous delicious recipes!

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