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A Note about Dungeness Crab

A Note about Dungeness Crab

Updated as of 12/14/2020

When we say we only provide the highest quality seafood from closely managed sustainable fisheries - we mean it!

There are four reasons the commercial Dungeness crab season gets delayed (almost every year!)

1) Whales

2) Domoic Acid Levels

3) Meat Fill

4) Weather

The Washington, Oregon and California Departments of Fish and Wildlife have delayed the opening of the commercial Dungeness crab season each for different reasons this year.

In California, crab season was delayed due to whale migration! It is important to make sure no whales would be bothered by the commercial fishing boats as they migrate through. California is opening December 23rd.

Oregon is opening on December 16th but has been delayed back and forth due to weather concerns - it is crucial that we keep our fishermen safe, as boats go down every year, and waiting for good weather is crucial.

Washington is currently delayed due to domoic acid levels (which is a chemical produced by a naturally occurring marine algae) and under certain ocean conditions large blooms of these algae occur and then accumulate in Dungeness crab. Scientists up and down the coastline test crab by catching them around large ports and checking for domoic acid as well as how full the meat in the shells are. They are then able to make decisions regarding the opening and closing or fisheries, safety of fishing, and quota allowances.

All of these delays are very common and happen every year. As long as you have been eating Dungeness crab, there have been blooms of domoic acid, weather, whale, and meat fill delays. It's just a natural part of working with a natural resource!

** Our current stock of Dungeness crab was caught and processed in August 2020 and is perfectly safe with no domoic acid worries and nice full shells! **

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